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Giles Johnson

I am a highly respected PGA Qualified Golf Professional and bring extensive experience to the coaching team at Simon Buckley Golf Coaching. With a 28-year career, I have honed my skills and passion for golf both in the United Kingdom and through international endeavors in Germany, Russia, and Cyprus. As the former Golf Academy Director and Head Professional at Aphrodite Hills PGA National Cyprus, Giles has coached players of all levels, from Tour Professionals to beginners, cementing his expertise in the industry.

My Story

I am thrilled to join the team, bringing with me a career spanning 28 years within the golf industry. My journey began in the UK and expanded internationally, allowing me to gain invaluable experience in Germany, Russia, and Cyprus over the past 22 years.

My most recent venture was at the renowned Aphrodite Hills PGA National Cyprus, where I had the privilege of serving as the Golf Academy Director and Head Professional. This award-winning golf resort provided the perfect platform for me to further refine my skills and knowledge.

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of coaching players at all levels, from seasoned Tour Professionals to enthusiastic beginners. This diverse range of experiences has equipped me with a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the game. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping each individual reach their full potential.

It is particularly exciting for me to reunite with Simon, my mentor during the early stages of my career as a qualified Golf Professional at Ham Manor Golf Club.


Working alongside Simon and Martin, we share a unified vision of delivering an exceptional coaching service to the members and guests of Hill Barn Golf Club. Together, we strive to enhance the academy in every way possible, aiming to establish it as a leading golfing destination within Sussex and the South of England.

I am eagerly looking forward to meeting all the members at Hill Barn and extending a warm welcome to our guests. This opportunity presents an exciting new chapter in my journey, and I am committed to providing a memorable and enriching experience for everyone I have the pleasure of working with.


If you'd like to book a lesson, please contact me via email or telephone.


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