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Simon Buckley Golf Coaching Launches "Get into Golf" Programme

Simon Buckley Golf Coaching is excited to announce the launch of its "Get into Golf" programme. The course is a five-week group lesson that runs every Saturday for an hour, starting with putting and progressing each week to chipping, pitching, bunkers, and the full swing. Designed to cover the fundamentals of the game, this course is the perfect option for those who are new to golf or looking to improve their skills in a group setting.

Previous participants have had nothing but positive things to say about their experience. One participant said, "As a beginner, I was a little nervous about joining the Getting into Golf Programme. However, from the first week, I felt welcomed and supported. I also met some great people." Another participant said, "It's a great way to cover all the basics in a calm and structured way."

The sessions received a 5 out of 5-star rating and a net promoter score of 100. A net promoter score is a measure of customer satisfaction, with a score of 100 indicating that all participants would recommend the course to their friends and family.

The series of lessons are led by talented golf coaches like Simon Buckley and Martin O'Callaghan, who are dedicated to providing a safe and fun learning experience for all participants. The focus is on fun and safety, with a mix of instruction, games, and friendly/social competition. This approach allows students to improve their skills while also enjoying the game of golf.

It's worth mentioning that even Tiger Woods learned to play golf this way, starting with the basics and progressing to more advanced techniques, which has served him well in his successful career. The programme is open to all ages and abilities, making it a great option for anyone looking to improve their golf game.

So if you're looking to get into golf, Simon Buckley Golf Coaching's "Get into Golf" programme is the perfect place to start. With experienced coaches, a focus on fun and safety, and a structured approach to learning, this programme is sure to help you improve your game and enjoy the game of golf. It's open to all ages and abilities and is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to improve their golf game in Worthing.

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