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Martin O'Callaghan Certified in Golf Biomechanics and Distance Expertise

Simon Buckley Golf Coaching is proud to announce that one of its coaches, Martin O'Callaghan, has received certification from Science Caddie, confirming his expertise in the biomechanics of golf, particularl

y the link between distance and golfing performance, the variables that impact distance, and the biomechanics of generating clubhead speed.

With Martin's certification, Simon Buckley Golf Coaching is excited to offer its clients the opportunity to benefit from his deep understanding of the sport.

Simon Buckley, Founder of Simon Buckley Golf Coaching, said, "We're thrilled to have Martin on our team. His certification is a testament to his

dedication and hard work, and his deep understanding of the biomechanics of golf is invaluable to our clients. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their full potential on the course, and with Martin's certification, we're taking a significant step towards that goal."