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Martin O'Callaghan

My mission as a golf coach is to get more people to learn, laugh and play the game of golf by creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment. I believe that golf is open to all and is a sport everyone can enjoy regardless of age, ability, gender or background.

My Story

For the past twelve years, I've had the incredible privilege of immersing myself in the wonderful world of golf. It has been an absolute joy, filled with countless hours of playing, competing, studying, and developing a profound love for this remarkable sport. 


My true passion lies in coaching and introducing beginners to the world of golf. There is something truly magical about helping individuals take their very first steps in this beautiful game. I find immense reward in providing personalised guidance and taking a patient approach to make golf accessible and enjoyable for those who are just starting their golfing journey.

Now, while my weekends are devoted to coaching, I also hold a full-time position as the Head of Marketing for a financial services organisation. Balancing these two roles allows me to find the perfect harmony between my professional career and my love for coaching golf. It's an exhilarating challenge that keeps me inspired as I bring my passion for golf to the forefront of my coaching endeavours.

In my quest to create an inclusive and welcoming environment within the golfing community, I've made it a top priority to attain UK Coaching's Duty to Care accreditation. This accreditation encompasses essential aspects such as inclusion, diversity, mental health, well-being, and safeguarding. By integrating these principles into my coaching philosophy, I aim to ensure that every individual feels genuinely valued and supported throughout their golfing journey.


I hold a degree in Business Management (BA hons) and a Master's degree in International Marketing (MSc). These qualifications perfectly complement my coaching abilities, providing me with a strategic mindset, effective communication skills, and a deep understanding of planning. With this wealth of experience, I can create innovative coaching programmes that are tailored to each player's unique goals and needs.

With my passion for golf, coaching expertise, commitment to inclusivity, and strategic mindset, I am fully confident in my ability to guide and inspire individuals to unlock their full potential on the golf course. It brings me immense joy to share my knowledge and help others embark on their own remarkable golfing journeys.

So, if you're looking to start playing golf, I would be honoured to be a part of your golfing adventure.

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