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Improving Your Putting Skills

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Hitting long drives might make you feel like the next Tiger Woods, but if you truly want to achieve lower scores like the pros, it's time to focus on improving your putting skills. For many golfers, especially beginners, the significance of putting cannot be overstated. Professional golfers understand the magic of being a master putter and invest significant time in honing this skill. After all, a 300-yard drive and a 3-foot putt both count as one stroke on the scorecard. It's time to set aside your driver, pick up your putter, and work on perfecting your putting game just like the pros. Practice the following putting drills, and you'll see the results in lower scores.

Tiger’s Gate Putting Drill

If Tiger Woods swears by a particular routine, you can bet it's beneficial for your golf game. The Gate Putting Drill, one of Tiger's favourites, can greatly enhance your putting skills. To practice this drill, place two tees slightly wider than your putter's head, about 3-4 feet from the hole, creating a gate for your putter swing. Alternate between hitting six putts with both hands and 12 putts with your dominant hand only. The goal is to ensure that your putter head follows a straight path back and toward the hole.

The Clock Putting Drill

Imitating the positions of a clock (3, 6, 9, and 12), set up four golf balls at distances of one putter length from the hole, moving clockwise with each putt. Continue until you sink all four balls, with any misses requiring you to start the drill over. To challenge yourself further, add two additional rows of balls with two and three putter lengths between the balls as you progress. This drill builds confidence and rhythm as you sink putts from varying distances.

The Blu Tack Drill

The Blu Tack Drill helps you strike the ball with the sweet spot of your putter head for optimal results. Place Blu Tack on the toe and heel of your putter, roughly a ball width apart. Stand about two putter lengths from the hole and take shots. If you miss the sweet spot, you'll feel an impact on the Blu Tack followed by a less accurate putt.

Putt to the Edge of the Green

Another good distance control drill is to putt balls to the edge of the practice putting green. By not aiming at a hole you are able to just concentrate on the feel required to get the distance of a particular putt. Success is thus not getting the ball in the hole but to get it resting against the fringe of the putting green. Again, move back away further and further from the edge of the practice putting green as you get better and better.

Becoming a well rounded golfer requires a focus on your putting game. As demonstrated by these drills, it's not a complex process, and anyone can become proficient in a relatively short time. When you combine your driving abilities with your newfound putting prowess, you'll enjoy lower scores and walk the course with a newfound confidence

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1 Comment

Olivya Oulton
Olivya Oulton
Sep 19, 2023

Excellent tips, thank you Simon.

when I went to Wentworth to watch the pga, it was definitely the putting that made the difference.

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