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Get out first time.


Weight 75% left side at address, ball positioned inside left heel, take 1.5” / 2” of sand before the ball but without digging down deep. Make sure you always follow right through despite the fact it may only be a short shot. The sand will cushion the blow.

No Sand.

Although this may be in a bunker it’s not played like a bunker shot. Requires a shorter swing and a lot less speed. This shot will come out hot as the ball needs to be struck first. Square club face at address. 

Wet Sand.

With a lot of moisture content in the sand there will be more resistance on the club-head. Play as per normal bunker shot but with a little more acceleration. 

Lots of Green to work with. 

Always try to take the same amount of sand behind the ball unless it’s a fairway bunker. If you have further to carry either square the club - face at address or take less loft to gain more yards. Careful of the lip though. 

No Green to work with.

Either open the club - face up or add more loft, i.e lob wedge. Possibly shorten the backswing a little but never quit on the shot. Follow through always. 

Plugged Ball.

Against the lip.

Remember you don’t always need to fire at the flag, course management could come into play here. Maybe you just need to get out even if occasionally sideways.

Fairway Bunkers - Find the Green.

Looking to gain distance, no sand behind the ball required here but don’t get too greedy with club selection if there is a lip in front of you. Wide stance required, ball in centre of stance with hands slightly down the grip. 

Square club - face at address. This shot generally needs a fair bit of club - head speed and definitely a full follow through. 

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