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Taking the wrong advice can be detrimental to your golf game!

In an age of information, the amount of online content about the golf swing is infinite. The rise of golf instruction online, using channels such as YouTube, has advantages and is a good way of promoting the game, however, it also comes with a lot of drawbacks that can be detrimental to your own personal game.

If you were ill, a quick search of your symptoms on Google would give you a variety of generic diagnoses. You will never be able to get an accurate diagnosis until you actually see your doctor otherwise, it is just a guessing game. Every golfer’s swing is different as are the causes of any ‘swing’ issues. A quick search on Google and YouTube about why you are slicing the golf ball or pushing the ball to the right will provide you with a lot of possible causes to your problem.

I would be very wary in using this information to diagnose your problems, as it could destroy your golf game because it may not be specifically relevant to you as an individual. If one of your ambitions is to improve your golf - why not book a lesson, or package, I can provide coaching tailored to your individual needs and help you make 2021 your best golfing year yet.

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