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The Art Of Good Practise Part 4

After golf

Keep records.

Self assessment:

Record your statistics from each round

Fairways hit

Greens in regulation

Total putts

Scrambling up and downs

Sand saves

This is the way to build your confidence, based on facts not imagination.

There are many apps now available which makes it very easy to keep these records.

Base your confidence on factual information and it will reap dividends.

Never attempt to play a shot on the golf course that you are not confident you will pull off. Play within your ability or it will cost you shots.

How is your knowledge of your yardages? If I told you the percentages of amateur golfers that are always short, you wouldn’t believe me. Firstly measure your landing distances on a nice warm and calm day and then make adjustments dependant on wind, slope and temperature.

If you become more serious and intense in competition it will be very detrimental to your game. Play as you would in social golf. It’s the same game. Enjoy.

Try not to focus on the bad shots you hit during the round, let them go and recall the

successes and positives.

Make short game 75% of your practise and record the results.

For short game practise exercises of which there are many just email me on and I will send you some to make your practise sessions worthwhile.

Hope to see you all on the course soon.


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