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Indoor Studio

"Golf is precision sport...."

I believe that learning to play golf in the swing studio will set you up for a lifetime of golf. You will be able to learn the correct movement without the distraction of the golf ball. Many golfers would see greater improvements if they focused on improving their movement rather than putting their attention on the flight of the golf ball. 


In my 40 years of teaching experience, I have seen way too many golfers reacting to the ball flight. The result is compensations in their swing which make it impossible to play consistently good golf, this is simply because the movement becomes too complicated to repeat. Most amateurs do not have a clear understanding or awareness of how simple a good golf swing actually is. 

Golf is a precision sport where a good structure needs to be learnt within a controlled environment such as my indoor golf studio. You can enjoy a lifetime of improvement, no matter what age, gender or ability. You will be surprised at how good your golf swing can become without even stepping foot onto a driving range.  


Most amateurs seem to be continually searching for the magic tip that is going to improve their game. If you take the time to learn and build the correct movement this winter, with a package of golf lessons, you will not need to search for magic tips as you will have the foundations of a very good golfer.

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