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Play The Game, Don't Play Swing

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Does this sound familiar?

Hmmm, my last shot went left, I need to aim more to the right. Topped it, must have lifted my head up. Constant self analysis & correction.

The most common thing I’m asked for in a lesson is to become more consistent and yet rarely are two shots produced with the same swing thoughts. This, I believe has been made considerably worse by the never ending YouTube or Internet related what I would call 'plaster fixes'.

P1 - P6 - P8 swing positions etc. I don’t believe golf should be played like this.

How about trying to play the game instead of playing swing! The same as hopefully you would play a moving ball game, the way that you would drive your car. INSTINCTIVELY.

Self analysis is also not going to work as you are not able to see yourself, probably can’t feel what’s happening and even if you could, would you know how to fix it anyway?

In summary, why not try one swing thought for the whole game and focus the attention on choosing the right club, playing the right type of shot, making your practice swing a good one and then simply apply it to the ball. Then, if it’s not going as you’d like, make any amendments off the golf course either on the range or at home, but make absolutely sure you know why you’re changing something and what benefits you may derive from this.

Happy Golfing!

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